YARD SIGNS ARE HERE: available for pick up

yard signs for Commissioner candidate Samulski will be available Sat., Aug. 8th, 8-10 at Mancos, Dolores, and Cortez Parque de Vida baseball parking lots

Yard signs have arrived, and my husband, Joe, has come up with a distribution plan via rendezvous at our beautiful public parks:

This Saturday, August 8th from 8:00 AM to10:00 AM we will have three pick up locations where anyone who would like to post a yard sign can come pick one up or a few for you and your friends and family in the area (curbside pick-up available by masked volunteers).

Mancos – The south parking lot at Boyle park

Cortez – The baseball field parking complex at Parque de Vida (north of the Rec. Center)

Dolores – The Joe Rowell park baseball field parking area

If you have a good location for a large banner (6×4 ft) we will have a small number of these available as well (two designs below). We can provide the board backing and posts for these larger signs as well.

If this weekend doesn’t work for you we will make signs available for pick-up throughout the weekends in August.

These two sided yard signs are pretty awesome with the Mesa Verde silhouette, QR code, and CO license plate motif.

*Although many other candidate signs have been out in road right-of-ways, these really should be posted somewhere visible within your private boundaries.

This mural campaign sign is one of a handful available like this for a nice, high traffic, perhaps not too fast of traffic, location. Thanks to Abi Savage for digitally illustrating the vision sketched by Chamise Austin, an amazingly artistic family.
Another handful of these eye-catching highway signs will be placed at strategic locations throughout the county.

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