Events Coming Up

Samulski has many upcoming candidate events and a calendar to share them all.

Join an upcoming online or live opportunity to meet unaffiliated County Commissioner candidate Rebecca Samulski. Share your views and ideas about county governance, and hear about her background, experience, and leadership style she will bring to the role. She is keeping a candidate calendar on her webpage now to maintain up-to-date opportunities and details.

Candidate Forums

Samulski has agreed to participate in four candidate forums. Three of these events have been confirmed by debate organizers. The other debate organizers are waiting for a positive response from the Republican candidate Joel Stevenson to confirm and publicize.

September 23rd at 7PM, the League of Women Voters will hold a debate via online zoom meeting. This will be in a strict debate format.

October 6th at 7PM, the San Juan Basin Farm Bureau will host a forum for candidates for a broad range of elected positions. This will be held in the Montezuma County Commissioner chambers at 109 West Main, and will be a moderated forum with audience questions and candidate answers.

October 8th at 7PM, Rebecca will be interviewed live with the Four Corners 912 Project which can be viewed by the public on the organization’s Facebook page:

Samulski rescheduled her virtual live meet the candidate event from Tuesday, October 6th to October 13th at 7PM to accommodate the Farm Bureau forum. This is a virtual zoom and Facebook live hour with some background and issues presented followed by candidate Q & A.

This Journal article includes more details on the two confirmed candidate forums.

In Person Events

If you visit the County Fairgrounds for the Four States Ag Expo on September 24th – 26th, you may see Rebecca Samulski or a campaign team member who plan to visit the event. Unfortunately event insurance requirements for booths were prohibitive for the Samulski for Montezuma campaign.

On October 3rd, friends of Samulski, Richard and Patty Winger, who she knows through wildfire preparedness work in the community, are inviting people to meet her for brunch on their patio. This is an RSVP only event so there are enough goodies and opportunities for everyone to visit one-on-one with Becca. Details are included in Becca’s candidate calendar.

Samulski speaks with a neighborhood group at a gathering in October 2016.

Samulski is also excited for the Dolores Harvest Fest on October 3rd at Joe Rowell Park in Dolores. Following brunch on the patio, Becca will join members of her campaign team to visit with residents at the Harvest Fest. There will be many great booths and fun at this outdoor event.

Samulski visiting with a resident at an event in Dolores in her past role as the coordinator for the Dolores Watershed Resilient Forest Collaborative.

The County Fairgrounds are also host to the Four Corners Home and Garden Show on October 9th and 10th. Find Samulski and some of her campaign team who will be holding down a booth in the Home and Garden show.

Samulski will have her new stickers and flyers to share available at all in-person events. She hopes to see you around virtually or in-person soon.

Vinyl, removable stickers will be distributed at upcoming events.

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