This story highlights a Montezuma County Commissioner candidate's interactions during a gun show. As an unaffiliated candidate, Rebecca Samulski hopes to chart a new course.

Story by Maddy Butcher, Mancos Resident and Journalist

Samulski’s sons learned and practiced safety before ever picking up a real gun. Their dad and grandpa are excellent instructors. They enjoy shooting with Mom too.

At the recent Gun Show, sponsored by the Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club and held at the Montezuma County Fairgrounds, Rebecca Samulski got the opportunity to meet voters and talk about what makes her an ideal candidate for the County Commissioner position.

Samulski staffed her vendor booth for most of all three show days, handed out flyers, and visited with hundreds of attendees.

The Montezuma-Cortez High School graduate got a chance to respond to a number of misconceptions:

  • Samulski is not an outsider. She has spent nearly her entire life living, working, and raising a family here.
  • Samulski is not a ‘raging liberal’. She is a hunter who supports gun ownership and supports incentives and information over new regulations which are often ineffective or have unintended consequences.
  • Samulski is not interested in bringing outside influences to the community. She has spent years cultivating and bringing together local groups on a broad range of projects and initiatives.

At the Gun Show, where several vendors had ties to military services, Samulski shared stories of her upbringing. “My dad served as an Army Special Forces medic and was a law enforcement officer with the Park Service for eight years,” said the candidate. “I share many of his beliefs and, like both of my parents, feel a deep sense of commitment to the community.”

Samulski worries that current commissioners and others running for the office are not going to be able to help our community navigate the challenges we face. With outside pressure on our population, economy, and values, who will guide us to maintain the county to be a place we all love to live?Beyond leading for the immediate needs of the community, Samulski has an eye toward the future. A comprehensive plan, something that has been neglected for decades, is a community engagement challenge she accepts with earnestness and urgency.

“A long-range plan for the county is 25 years old, and the efforts made toward that plan have been largely stripped away by recent and current commissioners. With a shared vision, we can better align policies, programs, and the county budget to support our future needs and desires. I will strive to make our county a great place to work and support staff on their initiatives to maintain or improve county services,” said Samulski.

Please note: While Samulski is running for the District Three seat for Montezuma County Commissioner, voters from all county districts vote for all commissioner seats. The district designation has to do with where the candidates live, NOT where you, the Montezuma County voter, lives.

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